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13 Июль 2009 @ 23:06
Mojo Magazine  

"I think America is starting to see the light!"

"This character, somebody else... I walk up on-stage and I'm really
fucking sure about everything . I can grab my crotch - totally the
opposite of what I would ever do."

"We were like, Fuck no! We've always been the guys that'll say
'Fuck you' first."

"We're very competitive little fuckers."

"We still like to party, but it's just, you know, no more lines being
snorted off of boners."

"I see people come to concerts and I think, Man, what is it that
got them here?"

beekeeper: bill evans smokebeekeeper on Июль, 13, 2009 21:19 (UTC)
o thanks
и славно, что вы вернулісь